Weekend Feels

Winding down… I haven’t been able to go to gym for the past two days because I’ve had a bit of flu yes But this weekend has been good so far, and tomorrow I think I will squeeze in a sneaky gym session

Staying healthy on the weekend is important when you are striving to reach your goals! But that doesn’t mean that a cheat meal isn’t allowed  For most people, drinking can be part of their cheat meal/day, but I just don’t enjoy the way alcohol affects my body. If I drink it will be a glass or two of wine on the weekends or for a special occasion, but you’ll never find me going out every weekend to get drunk.

This weekends cheat meal is undecided but I will post it tomorrow! wink

The weekends are also about the only time I will be wearing normal clothes and not gym clothes sad So selfies are a must crying

Happy Saturday everyone




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