How to keep track of progress

When anyone tries to lose fat and get more toned, it can be discouraging when results don’t show quickly. I think it’s SO important to have photo’s that you can compare yourself with each month so that you can see even the slightest bit of change. indecision This can also motivate you more to stick to your eating and exercise plan if you see that it’s working!

One thing that annoys me is when magazines or brands sell their clients the lie of “a quick fix”, there is NO SUCH THING!! Anyone who has reached their goals know that hard work and dedication are the only things that will make you reach your goals. If you find it hard to keep motivated remember: progress is progress no matter how small, nothing great comes over night and it is a slooooow process, but one day you will see that it pays off to be disciplined 

I think the best way to track your progress with photo’s, is to make a timeline on your bedroom wall. Print out a photo of yourself each month, so you can see the improvements you’ve made each month, and so that everyday you can see this and keep yourself motivated 

This is one of my favourite motivational quotes sad It is SO true!! What you put in is what you get out.




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