It is summer time! That means it’s time for beach days with lots of tanning  Summer is most definitely my favourite time of year, but it is so important to remember to look after your skin while spending time in the sun. As most teenage/early 20 year old girls love tanning, I do too, but I make sure that I have spf 30 or higher sunscreen lotion on before I head out into the sun. I’ve recently read an article, about women who regretted tanning without putting sunscreen on in the midday sun when they were younger, because now they have skin cancer. yes Most of us think “that won’t happen to me”, but why risk it?

So be sure to keep out of the midday sun (11:30 am – 2:00 pm) and apply a good-quality sunscreen while you’re outside.

You can also have premature wrinkles from tanning too often, I do NOT want that!!

Being healthy is being happy kiss




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