OK. But first, Coffee.

Yes, I am a coffee addict! I literally cannot live without the stuff 😛 But I’m not only a coffee drinker, I’ve also done a Barista course to learn more about the beans.

Did you know that the coffee bean was found by a heard of goats? The owner found the goats going crazy because they were on a caffeine high from eating the coffee beans! hahaha, I found that so funny. Imagine a bunch of goats on a buzz from caffeine! 😀

Another very interesting point I learnt, and you should always bare this in mind when ordering coffee from any café, is that the coffee bean is never “wrong” or “off”. It is always the Barista’s fault if you get “bad” coffee. I leaned how to make the perfect cup of cappuccino on the course too! 🙂

So if you are a coffee enthusiast, like me, you should try and do a Barista course. They are lots of fun AND you get to drink coffee while learning about it!

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