A daily essential

I have at least one boiled egg in the morning everyday. It is a great source of energy, and it keeps me full for a long time! 🙂

Protein is essential to build muscle while you train. Taking a protein shake is also a great way to build muscle,but I prefer to eat  protein in the form of eggs and lean meat (such as chicken breasts).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Of course it helps that I love chicken and eggs too 😛

If you make scrambled eggs or an omelette, try using more egg whites than yolks. By doing this you increase the amount of protein to cholesterol that you are consuming.

And bare in mind that too many eggs are also bad for you. As a girl, I want to build muscle at the same time as losing fat, therefore I only have one-two eggs on a training day (the days I go to gym). Whereas a man, for example a rugby player/ someone trying to bulk, will have four-six eggs on a training day. It’s all about the amount of energy you are using for your training that will determine the amount of energy you can take in. And of course it depends on what your goal is that will determine your diet 🙂

Remember: eat for long term goals, not short term satisfaction!




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