The season of having food babies is over 😉 Time to get back into my normal gym routine and diet! I got some really cool new workout clothes for Christmas 😀 so keen to wear them!

3ET3btpbjy December is almost over, and that means everyone is going to be making new years resolutions. For some these resolutions work, but for others it’s just another year that you don’t reach your goals.

So I had a little bit of advice if you are one of those people, START TODAY!! Don’t wait until the new year, or even tomorrow. Put on those trainers and workout clothes, grab your sweat towel and head out to the gym!

If you have trouble staying motivated then try writing your goal down on a piece of cardboard and stick it somewhere you will see it everyday, this will help you keep your goal in mind and work towards it everyday 🙂

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE ❤ remember – today is the best cheat meal day of the year 😉

P.S Don’t forget to check out my post-Christmas workout on SammyHeartsThis Blog 🙂




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