Gym-manners matter!

Having manners at the gym matter. No, I do not mean just being nice or friendly to your fellow members, but having respect for the gym and it’s members too ! I have had many frustrations when going to gym when other members do not put equipment where it belongs, or they interrupt your session because they feel more entitled than you are.


There are certain rules and etiquette when it comes to the gym. Such as putting the weights back where they are supposed to be. We are all at the gym for the same reason, we all have a common goal, so don’t be disrespectful of the other gym members by leaving weights lying around, or just being rude 😦 Having a bad experience at gym can put someone off exercising, and that would be a shame to see.

Another issue that I want to talk about is helping other gym members out if you see them failing or doing something wrong. I know that personal trainers are not always around to help, and someone can seriously injure themselves if they are not familiar to an exercise that they are doing. If you do know how to do the exercise with the correct form, you should be kind enough and help the new member out, before he/she hurts themselves and doesn’t want to go to the gym again 🙂

Just remember: we all have a common goal! Don’t make it harder for someone else to reach their goal while you are trying to reach yours.




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