Switching it up in the pool!

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming 😛 Yes, today I did swimming as my workout instead of running! I decided to switch up my normal cardio routine to see how my body responds to the different conditions. I did a bit of swimming in high school, which was three years ago, but I was never a competitive swimmer. So since someone who has a lot of swimming experience, including being selected for a regional swimming team and being a swimming coach, is staying with me I took full advantage of her skills and abilities to learn more about the exercise.

The workout we did was interval training, and it consisted of:


  • 8 lengths warm up freestyle
  • 4 lengths freestyle kicking, breathing every 6 counts with a kicker board
  • 2 lengths freestyle, “tickle the water arms” (basically trail your fingers along the water instead of lifting your arm out the water)
  • 2 lengths breaststroke
  • 4 lengths gliding breaststroke, holding the glide between kicking and pulling for 6 counts for 2 lengths, and then hold for 4 counts for 2 lengths
  • 2 lengths of breaststroke kicking with a kicker board
  • 4 lengths of butterfly kicking with two counts of freestyle strokes and two counts of butterfly strokes
  • 4 lengths of backstroke kicking with a kicker board
  • 4 lengths of backstroke
  • 2 lengths of breaststroke
  • 4 lengths warm-down freestyle


The pool we swam in is a 25m pool 🙂 I would definitely recommend swimming for anyone! It is a lot of fun, and a very different form of training. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it, but I think I’m going to work swimming into my workout routine!




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