Protein Shakes

Messing around in the kitchen today making different flavour protein shakes 😛 Yes, I know that you can buy chocolate or strawberry flavoured shakes, but they are too fake and sweet for my personal taste. So I always buy the normal vanilla flavour, and I read something about adding your own chocolate or coffee powder to make different flavours 🙂 For my little experiment I used cinnamon, cocoa powder, instant coffee powder and vanilla essence.

As you can see I used shot glasses to test out the different flavours, I didn’t want to make one which I don’t enjoy. My favourite flavour’s were the coffee and cinnamon mixed with the protein shake. The bonus about adding these flavours to your protein shake is that they add NO sugar or calories to the original recipe of the shake, and you can have a different flavour everyday if you want to 🙂

On a side note, I started my week of training off with MAS running! And it’s one week until I start studying again 😀 I will be posting my full leg/booty day this week, so keep a look out for it 😉 It is a KILLER one!




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