What to do on an “off” day

We all have those “off” days. No, not rest days, but those days when you just don’t feel like eating healthy or working out :/ Today, a very special person moved overseas, so I wasn’t in the most motivated mood to go to gym or eat healthy. I wanted to lie in front of the TV, watch movies and eat marshmallows! HAHAHA! Buuuuut I didn’t 😛 I got my ass off the couch and went to gym.

I know how it feels to look at yourself and think “ew”, or just be demotivated to carry on working hard when results don’t show. One thing that keeps me going is that I am striving to be the best version of myself, and I want to inspire others to reach their goals 🙂 Whenever I have a bad day, or I just don’t feel motivated to go to gym, I always remind myself about WHY I started! So if you ever feel demotivated, or even if you have just had a terrible day, remember how good that workout will make you feel afterwards and GO FOR IT!


My main motivators when I don’t feel like working out are:

  • looking at my goals and what I am aiming to achieve
  • reminding myself why I started this journey
  • reminding myself how great I will feel after the workout
  • wanting to inspire others
  • listen to kick-ass music to get motivated 😛

I hope you feel more motivated to workout now ❤ have a beautiful rest of the week!




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