Workout Video

Hiiiii 😀 today I made my first youtube video 😀 Click here – Workout Video , to view the video! And please let me know what you think, I am new to this so I know that I will need some constructive criticism 😛 So all comments are welcome! The workout that I am doing is a Ten’s workout, it includes doing step-ups, jump squats, push-ups and spider-man abs. The reason why I do modified pus-ups is because my upper-body is still getting stronger and the workout requires you to do 100 pus-ups in total. So in order to be able to finish all 100, I start with the modified version 🙂 Of course, if you are able,you should do normal push-ups, but don’t feel ashamed if you can’t yet 😛


This week has been a hectic one! I have met so many new people, and I am settled into my new flat for varsity 🙂 I hope you have had a great week too and keep pushing to reach your goals! ❤






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