Problem Areas

To start off the week on a kick-ass note, I decided to tackle the subject of Problem Areas! We all have them, be it our stomachs, arms, bum or legs. This is one thing that even the top athletes have, and that is just how the body works 🙂 The problem that comes in when people try and “train away” their problem areas, is that they get demotivated and upset when they do not lose the fat in that area, or the muscle does not develop fast enough in that area. My personal experience when I want to lose fat around my problem areas is that I do not focus on them! 😀 My reasoning for not focusing on the “irritating” fat that just does not seem to budge, is that, in the fat burning process the body uses up fat storage’s all around the body. It doesn’t use all the storage’s at once, and it often uses some fat storage’s around certain areas of the body last.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

So in a nutshell, I know where I will lose fat first and where I will lose fat last. And, surprise surprise 😉 , the area where I lose fat last is the area where I pick up fat first ! So if you are struggling with a certain part of your body, and you feel like the fat is just not going anywhere, PERSEVERE ! 🙂 Rather focus on the areas where you see improvement, to keep you dedicated and motivated, and then one day you will notice that the hard work has payed off, and your problem areas are now lesser than they were a month ago 😛

For me, my “problem” areas are around my stomach, love handles and my inner thighs. You need to know that everyone has these problems, but perseverance is what will get you the results you want, AND deserve ❤




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