What’s your excuse?

This post is a rather serious one as apposed to my others… but with that said, I do hope that you find this as motivating and inspiring as I did 🙂

Yesterday I had the privileged to see para-athletes training on the sports ground in the afternoon. It is so amazing that these people have the motivation and strength to go out onto the field and train to be one of the top athletes in the world! 🙂 Now this got me thinking, able-bodied people use SO many excuses that are irrelevant if you REALLY want to reach a goal, or achieve greatness in your life. These athletes were out in the heat of the day (note that it gets up to over 40 degrees here) training their asses off with NO excuses!


I was so motivated and inspired by them that I thought of all the little excuses I use when I don’t “feel” like working out. So here is something to remember; if someone who is disabled can kick-ass on the sports field and in the gym, then what’s your excuse? I have so much respect and admiration for those athletes, and it changed my whole perspective on training and the way I view my workouts.

I really do hope this resonates with you all, and I hope it inspires you to work harder and assess your excuses in comparison. Now I ask you, really, WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE?





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