Blocked Pores…ew

Happy Motivation Monday everyone 😛

This one is for the girls – do you find yourself putting on makeup to go to the gym? I know I have done it before! But while you may look good in the moment, your skin is dying underneath :/ Having foundation on while working out is a VERY bad idea. The foundation clogs up your pores, and that results in the dirt and sweat getting trapped on your skin and can cause pimples or blackheads. I know, gross right? I do know that the reason we wear foundation is to cover up those spots or blemishes, but in the long run you are doing more destruction than good when you workout with foundation on.

If you are going to gym straight from work/varsity classes, pack in wet wipes so you can wipe off your foundation before you workout. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wearing eyeliner or mascara to gym, but for the sake of keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy, rather leave the foundation off. Another tip for clearer skin is drinking loads of water and staying away from sugary foods (chocolate, sweets etc)



You can also find these cool DIY recipes to remove blackheads at home 🙂

Remember: Workout to look pretty, don’t look pretty to workout ❤




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