Trying out new things

Yesterday I had the opportunity to try out a class at gym called Nova. This is basically a mixture of Pilates and Yoga 🙂 I really enjoy both of these forms of exercises, so it was really enjoyable to do them at the same time. We all know Yoga to be a lot of stretches and poses, whereas Pilates is more about muscle engagement and toning.

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I found this Nova class to be more fast-paced than both Yoga or Pilates, you work all the time and are constantly moving 🙂 I found that because of this, it made the class feel more like a workout than a normal Pilates or Yoga class would have felt. It was also interesting to see how the two forms of exercises go hand-in-hand, as you work a muscle with a Pilates movement, you stretch it out and recover with a yoga movement. So all in all you get the best of both worlds 😛

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It is always a good idea to try out something that you have never done before, or even something that you thought you wouldn’t enjoy, you might surprise yourself 😉 I have only recently begun going to these classes, and while I still do my regular workouts and routine, I find that this enriches my fitness journey, and it is a change of scenery from the weight racks and treadmills 😉 😛




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