Day #10 ! 

Yay! It’s day 10 and time to start getting back into gym 😀 I am only allowed to do ‘light’ exercise until I am strong enough, but nevertheless I am still SO excited to be back at gym!


As promised, I will be posting my light exercise program. I am not a doctor so I don’t suggest you just go ahead and do this program after a serious opp or injury! The only reason I am going to be doing these exercises, is that I know my own strength and my body is used to hard workouts, so this will be easier for me than for someone who has not worked hard in the gym before 😛 so please consult your doctor before doing anything if you have an injury or just had an opp!

Lower body:

  • Air squats
  • Step-up’s
  • Body-weight calf raises
  • Lying down side leg raises
  • Walking lunges

Upper body:

  • Light bicep curls (4kg instead of my usual 8kg)
  • Modified push-ups (knees on the ground)
  • Modified plank rows (modified push-up position, bring your arm up to your side as you would in a standard row, this will work your back muscles)
  • Light side and front raises


  • Balance on a BOSU ball – this will help me get my stability back
  • High plank (in a regular push-up position)
  • Crunches with a pilates ball (lay with your shoulders on a pilates ball, legs 90 degrees, and slowly do crunches)


  • Step machine
  • Incline slow walking on the treadmill




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